Today in History: First U.S. Congressional Library Burns

Out of the ashes

From the Library of Congress

On the evening of August 24, 1814, during the second year of the War of 1812, British forces under orders from Rear Admiral George Cockburn and Major General Robert Ross set fire to the unfinished United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. The congressional library, then housed in the Capitol’s north wing, was destroyed. To “replace the devastations of British Vandalism,” former U.S. president Thomas Jefferson offered to sell his personal collection of books, the largest and most comprehensive in the United States at that time. With some reservations, Congress purchased his library for $23,950 in 1815.

Visit the online Library of Congress exhibit, Out of the Ashes: A New Library for Congress and the Nation to learn more about this historic event.

Fall 2016 School Library Interest Group Newsletter Out

Link to School Library Interest Group newsletter

Click the image or follow this link for the fall issue of the Wyoming Library Association School Library Interest Group newsletter. This edition is jam-packed with information pertaining to school librarians including a showcase of the Information Power Summer Institute that happened earlier this month and a section related to the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Embed a Cloud Library Bookshelf on Your Library’s Search Page

Cloud Library embedThe featured shelves in 3M Cloud Library are a quick way to find a great read. Now, your WYLD library can embed a featured shelf on your main search page.

To show a featured shelf on any web page, go to the Cloud Library web app and select ‘list view’ for any shelf.

  • Copy the URL in the address bar of the browser
  • Change the word ‘Featured’ in the URL to ‘EmbeddableTray’
  • Create an iFrame on any web page using the edited URL as the target

Example – New this month
This code will display the new books featured shelf below:
<iframe src=”” width=”90%” height=”150″ style=”border:none;”> </iframe>

The Cloud Library will be rebranded in coming weeks as a Bibliotheca product, instead of 3M. We’ll have more information on the blog soon. In the meantime, you can download the new marketing kit.



New Report on Family Engagement in Public Libraries

From the American Library Association

Link to PDF of Public Libraries A Vital Space for Family EngagementA new report, Public Libraries: A Vital Space for Family Engagementreleased by Harvard Family Research Project and the Public Library Association, issues a call to action for libraries to strengthen their efforts to engage families in children’s learning. This report highlights five promising ways that libraries engage families in children’s learning from early childhood and throughout the school years.

  • Reach Out: Libraries reach out to families to promote the programs, collections, and services that are vital in a knowledge economy.
  • Raise Up: Libraries elevate family views and voices in how library programs and services are developed and carried out.
  • Reinforce: Libraries guide and model the specific actions that family members can take to support learning, reaffirming families’ important roles and strengthening feelings of efficacy.
  • Relate: Libraries offer opportunities for families to build peer-to-peer relationships, social networks and parent-child relationships.
  • Reimagine: Libraries are expanding their community partnerships; combining resources and extending their range; improving children’s and families’ well-being; and linking to new learning opportunities.

The report also draws attention to public library resources for building family engagement, including the people they serve, the expertise of librarians, and the place the library holds as a trusted and welcoming institution in the community. The library is a platform for children and families to use library materials for discovery, innovation, and the creation of new knowledge.

Learn more on the PLA website.

Teens can now Vote for the 2016 Teens’ Top Ten Titles

From the American Library Association

Teens Top Ten logoTeens can start casting their votes for their favorite titles for the 2016 Teens’ Top Ten now through October 15. The voting page showcases all 26 nominees with their respective book covers and summaries, and gives teens the opportunity to leave comments about their favorite titles. The “top ten” titles will be announced the week following Teen Read Week™, which takes place October 9-15.

All teens aged 12-18 are eligible to participate in the voting process and can vote for up to three of their favorite titles from the list of 26 nominees. A video featuring the 26 nominated titles can be found on YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten site. Individual trailers for each title can also be found on YALSA’s youtube channel. Libraries can support this effort by sharing these resources with their teen patrons and encouraging them to vote.

The Teens’ Top Ten is a teen choice list, with teens nominating and choosing their favorite books of the previous year. Nominators are members of teen book groups from 15 school and public libraries around the country. Library staff can now apply on behalf of their teen book groups for a chance to be a part of the official 2017-2018 Teens’ Top Ten book groups.

Learn more at

The 19th Amendment in Wyoming Newspapers

Sheridan Post headline:

On this date in 1920, Tennessee ratified the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving women the right to vote nationwide. Of course, the then Territory of Wyoming was nearly 51 years ahead of the game, giving women the right to vote in December, 1869. Wyoming was the first state or territory in the United States to grant women’s suffrage, earning it the nickname of the Equality State.

Read about passage of the 19th amendment in the August 19, 1920 Sheridan Post, and other newspapers of the day in Wyoming Newspapers.