Library meets endowment goal

SHERIDAN — Cameron Duff, director of the Sheridan County Public Library System told legislators in a forum last week that Sheridan County libraries had reached the goal of their endowment challenge and are willing to help other library leadership reach theirs.

The Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge was created by the Wyoming Legislature in 2007 and a tier system was created for the state treasurer to match either three times the amount of the endowment, two times the amount of the endowment or the same amount as the endowment based on the county in which the library is located. Sheridan County is a second-tier county with the treasurer matching twice the amount the library raises for the endowment.

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Mystery Solved with the help of Wyoming Newspapers

Mystery Solved!

A recent article in the Laramie Boomerang (Nov. 8) tells of a long time mystery solved by Kate Browning using Wyoming Newspapers. The Greenhill cemetery has had a grave marker from May 10, 1894 with the inscription “Bob, Charlie left you here.” No one knew who Bob or Charlie were, so Kate Browning (a volunteer at the cemetery) went to the Wyoming Newspapers database of historic newspapers in search of answers. What mystery can you solve using Wyoming Newspapers? You can read more about the circumstances leading up to the death of Robert Edmund Johnson (Bob) in Wyoming Newspapers

Honoring our Veterans


The Wyoming State Library will be closed tomorrow, Nov. 11, in honor of Veterans Day.

Read about some of the partnerships libraries have had with the military in this Summer 2009 issue of the Wyoming Library Roundup.

LJ Index ranks “Star” libraries

Library Journal has just published the 2014 LJ Index, a measure that uses statistical data to assess and recognize library excellence. As in past years, this 7th Index looks at four per capita service measures: circulation, visits, program attendance and public computer use.
In the online Library Journal, authors Ray Lyons and Keith Curry Lance discuss how assessing the value of libraries is changing. Technology changes, such as increased wifi use, may mean looking at different output measures. And although these four items are important, libraries are now being pushed to go beyond output measures and move toward outcomes that assess what changes happen in patrons’ lives as a result of the local library.
Although Wyoming doesn’t have any top-rated “Star” libraries in the list, rankings are available for all 23 counties. You may find your local library at